PhenGold vs PhenQ vs Leanbean: Neck to Neck Competition!

PhenGold vs PhenQ vs Leanbean SlimmingPatchOfficial

PhenGold vs PhenQ vs Leanbean: Neck to Neck Competition!


It is a fact that science has made our lives more convenient with the passage of time. Things which looked impossible a decade ago, seems readily accessible now. Yet, if we go into the details and see it with an open mind, a dark side to all of this will also be visible. That part usually stays hidden under the more flashy or ‘modern’ layer. 

Among those adverse effects, obesity is one of the deadliest one. Yes, it is true. Obesity is responsible behind claiming thousands of lives every year. All of this happened because of us, humans itself. The overly convenient and digital lifestyle has made humans destructively lethargic and eventually losing all the motivation to engage in forms of physical activities in life. Also, the variety of junk food in the market is astonishing and also the primary reason behind obesity. Ironically these junks attract people’s minds in the middle of the night. Thus, destroying one’s entire diet routine and pushing that person into the grasps of an unfit body.

Thus, in this era of crisis, people have become almost desperate to resort to means which can also become lethally risky. Such methods do nothing except increase the burden of further side effects on the body. Thus, abiding the rules of demand and supply, various companies have come up with products which serve this purpose. At the beginning they are successful in attracting the crowd by pitching about their effectiveness. This way these products were able to dominate the market for a considerable amount of time but slowly yet gradually the dark side to these products starts to emerge. In no time there was a vibe of terror in the market and everyone was back to square one.

Then came up products which offered the same results in a safe way. But their effectiveness became questionable. Yet, since this method was still acceptable, there came a surge of similar products. All of them claiming to choke off weight at an incredible rate along with causing no harm to the body. 

Slowly the market became saturated and then it was difficult to decide which product was effective enough. Most of the products show no effectivity and hardly show any competition. Also, on the other hand there are so many great products that it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose

Among the best products, the products which have been able to shine in the limelight the most are the follows:

  • No. #1: PhenGold
  • No. #2: PhenQ
  • No. #3: Leanbean
PhenGold vs PhenQ vs Leanbean SlimmingPatchOfficial
Weight Loss SupplementPhenGold  PhenQLeanbean
ProductsDietary SupplementDietary SupplementDietary Supplement
PurposeAn energetic product which increases the body’s rate of metabolism to provide more energy along with losing fat. Also, it contributes in suppressing hunger. Makes use of the process called thermogenesis which can be achieved by controlling the circulatory system.The most powerful dietary supplement for women which works by controlling hunger issues and bumping up the rate of metabolism of the body.
SignificanceOnly product whose ingredients does a team play. All of its ingredients support each other to provide unmatched results.A product which has passed through all the safety levels. Its main intention is to create a safe heaven for people who want to get rid of obesity.Safest way of losing fat within a matter of weeks.

What is PhenGold?

PhenGold Review

PhenGold is a supplement best for its one-of-a-kind blend, it is both a weight management formula and a pre-workout boost. Even though the methods which have been compromised by PhenGold are the basic fundamental ones, the rate of effectiveness is so high, PhenGold has successfully attracted the concern of the global market

Weight reduction is not a stroll in the park. It cannot be achieved easily and definitely needs support to make the meets end. PhenGold is the product which serves this supporting factor the best. It is true that there are several products in the market which offer similar results at a much faster rate, but there is no mention of any safety levels. People usually tend to get attracted to such products more often. Hence, burden up their body with even dangerous side effects.   

Thus, PhenGold is a product whose ingredients are 100% natural, which have been calibrated in such an efficient way that all these ingredients support each other and make this product even more effective in areas such as increasing metabolism, suppressing hunger pangs, which as a consequence doubles-up the body’s ability to burn fat at 2x speed.

Last but not least, like no other PhenGold is a vegan, Gluten-free, non-GMO, lactose free, and soy free product which includes no artificial sweeteners, color preservatives, fillers or dyes to complicate your system in the long run.

Unique Ingredients in PhenGold

  • Green Coffee. It is an excellent weight loss aid and energy booster.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract. It is packed with catechins which not only helps in controlling obesity but also helps in burning fat effectively.
  • Cayenne Pepper. This hot chilli pepper has very powerful thermogenic capabilities to speed up metabolic processes to burn calories at a rate faster than before
  • L-Theanine. One of the primary components of green tea which helps in improving one’s energy levels and also makes a person sharp and alert by improving cognition.
  • L-Tyrosine. It helps in speeding metabolism and reducing stress and also makes the person a lot more alert.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root. Helps in improving physical performance and endurance.
PhenGold Ingredients

What is PhenQ?


PhenQ makes use of 5 Steps which form the fundamental of this product’s working principle. There are many products which serve each purpose individually. But none like PhenQ serve all these purposes, simultaneously.

One of the most fundamental reasons behind obesity is the imbalance in the hormonal system of the body. If that hormonal balance of the body can be restored, half the problems related to obesity end at that point. 

PhenQ increases a person’s metabolism rate by slightly stimulating the adrenal gland. The rest can be well anticipated. Thus, the body’s demand for energy increases every day. Hence, there remains no other option for the fatty layers but to disappear. 

This entire process helps in the emulsification of the fat and also in this process, the person becomes a lot more active and productive. PhenQ also helps in the stimulation of the pituitary glands to release good amounts of Dopamine and Oxytocin

This helps in improving the person’s mental health and upliftment of mood. Even though it is underrated but depression is one of the most primary reasons behind obesity. 

Thus, PhenQ has considered that aspect as well and has made it a point that a person has to face no kind of depression to further free himself/herself from the clutches of depression and agony.  

Unique Ingredients in PhenQ

  • Capsimax Powder. A blend of Capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin. It is a mixture of all kinds of ingredients which have strong thermogenic properties to burn fats at a faster rate.
  • Chromium Picolinate. This helps the carbohydrates to get absorbed in the blood efficiently. In addition to reducing hunger pangs, binge eating and frequent food cravings.
PhenQ Diet Pill Ingredients

What is Leanbean?


Gaining weight and adding to the layers of fat is a pretty convenient process. One doesn’t even realise the gains in weight before that person is obese. Yet, on the contrary losing these layers of fat is an incredibly long process which can only be achieved after seamless hard-work. 

It is true that nowadays there are products which claim to do this but the only thing which these products do is to support one in this long process. Hard work and motivation come without saying and nothing great can be achieved without these virtues. 

Leanbean is a similar weight management product for females which makes the weight process a lot more convenient. This prevents the person from losing motivation easily and carrying on with their hard-work while receiving continuous support from Leanbean.

Leanbean is the most efficient stubborn fat reducing supplement. It has been used by thousands of athletes and happy customers from all around the world. It is a product which makes a person’s body work for itself. Without interfering with the basic working principles of a person’s body, Leanbean increases the rate of metabolism of the body by manifolds and thus the person starts reducing an incredulous amount of fat.  

Unique Ingredients in Leanbean

  • Konjac Fibre. It is also known as glucomannan and it is very popular for suppressing appetite.
  • Choline. It helps in stimulating the body’s fat metabolism and also assists in speeding up the weight losing process.
  • Chromium Picolinate. A mineral which has shown the quality of being a hunger suppressant.
  • Zinc. It is a supporter of all the bodily processes. It helps in maintaining a high rate of metabolism.
  • Turmeric. It contains the compound named curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties which is capable of reducing excessive fat deposition and reducing oxidative stress.
  • Garcinia Cambogia. A fruit which can act as a powerful weight losing supplement.
  • Acai Berry. A South American fruit which is loaded with fibers for improved digestion and suppression of appetite.
Leanbean Ingredients

Which has Better Ingredients?

All of these products contain equally capable ingredients but if a comparison is demanded, PhenGold deserves the better place for its first-class choice of ingredients. It is because high amounts of cayenne powder, Green tea and green coffee are not present in any other dietary supplement. The combination which PhenGold has to provide is better in many ways than all the other comparisons.

So, yes! PhenGold contains the best pack of ingredients.

Price Comparison & Dosage

Per serving of PhenGold requires 3 capsules. Thus, for a month one will require 90 capsules. This one-month supply of PhenGold can be purchased at $59.99.

At the same time PhenQ offers 60 capsules at a price of $69.99. Per serving of PhenQ includes 2 capsules daily but that is more of a reason which makes PhenGold better, because more the dose faster it works. The purposes which have been served by PhenGold are far more superior than too at a cheaper price.

At the same time, Leanbean is offered at a price of $59.99 for 180 capsules in each bottle and 6 servings/day. Even though this is cheaper and the number of pills are away more to be swallowed, the effectiveness of PhenGold is not of comparison.

Ergo, PhenGold offers a deal one cannot refuse

Are there Any Side Effects?

This discussion was supposed to be about the best. In this comparison only the best and the most effective product have been chosen, so that people are able to get an even clearer perspective about which product they should opt for. 

All of these products have been brewed with ingredients which are 100% natural and they have been carefully calibrated to increase the effectiveness. All the ingredients have been hand-picked after extensive research by scientists from all around the world. Since, such is the scenario, none of these products tend to have any kind of Side Effects.

Which Product Should be Preferred the Most?

After going through such detailed comparison, the result can be seen pretty evidently. PhenGold can be declared as the clear winner. It has excelled at all the aspects of the comparison and has packed in the most promising factor. 

The safety levels of all these products have not been considered since all these products have already proven themselves to be safe; only the effectiveness of these products was focussed into the limelight. Since there is a massive saturation of similar products in the market right now, a proper guidance to choose the right product was indeed required. 

Thus, here it goes. Among all these products, PhenGold has proven itself to be the most effective weight loss dietary supplement.

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Quick Recap

In this competitive era, everyone in every aspect of life always strives to be at the top. Similar is the case of these dietary supplements. After the factor of safety was assured by these products, a comparison upon efficiency ought to happen. After this comparison, it can be clearly seen that PhenGold has unique things to offer which are offered by none other. Hence, clearing everyone’s doubt, PhenGold has shone bright as the safest and the most powerful supplement for many who have a simple dream of gaining a fit physique.